Johnny Hart - International Star Of Magic

Book Reviews

I recently ordered the Special Edition which is limited to 100 copies and my advice would be to get one whilst you can. It came with signed photos of Johnny and the book itself is numbered and signed by Johnny. The book is A4 hardback with over 200 pages, and has a lovely blue Buckram cloth cover with silver lettering on the front and spine and a matching blue marker ribbon. The book itself is in a matching blue Buckram slipcase with silver lettering. You will be proud to have it on your bookshelf.

A feature of the book is the number of superb photos, some in colour, of Johnny performing, plus backstage shots and reproductions of his various contracts.

The book is extremely well written and very comprehensive, covering the whole of Johnny’s exciting life and fills in all the blanks for me as to how his career started and his rise in becoming an international act.

The book, like Johnny’s act, has ‘quality’ written all over it and if you purchase one you will not be disappointed. Well done Steve for telling the real story about a magical hero!

Nigel Monaghan - UK

I’m not 100% sure why Johnny Hart had such an impact on me, but I remember being so mesmerized by his magic. He would sometimes perform the same effects as other world-class magicians but when they were in Johnny’s hands I swear he used different methods unique to himself, because the magic looked so much better. When you watched Johnny Hart you were inspired to work harder on your own act because he always delivered and made you want to do better. Stephen Short has put together an amazing account of the life and magic of Johnny Hart which will surely be loved by anyone who was lucky enough to see Johnny, or just heard about this incredible performer. He truly was in a class of his own, and this book brings all the great memories I had of Johnny back. Thank-you Stephen for taking the time to put together such a wonderful tribute to one of the all time great performers of our time.

Andy Martin – USA

This beautifully illustrated book is about a young magician, who, after an initial ‘kick start’ became one of the most respected and busiest speciality acts of the second part of the twentieth century. Johnny Hart travelled the world with a colourful, skilful and entertaining act. This book is the story of his success and will make interesting reading for today’s young entertainers about to chance their luck as a ‘pro’ and the more experienced artiste who would like to wallow in nostalgia among the summer shows and resident revues of the era, fully detailed in the book, that Johnny worked in.

Larry Parker – International Comedy Magician

A beautifully written book that honours our magical art form. Johnny Hart was without doubt a big player on the commercial scene. This well researched book sparkling with photos and anecdotes traces this pioneering performers show business life. The author, Steve Short, has compiled an engaging tome that traces Johnny’s tours, tv engagement, Vegas shows and his many appearances with top celebrities. A beautiful glimpse into a great magicians life written with passion. Anyone truly interested in magic as a ‘living art form’ should have this book.

Mel Mellers - UK

Just finished reading the book, it’s great!

Arno - France

The Johnny Hart book arrived today and is a first-class production! Many thanks for the hard work you put into it. The book will have a place of honor in my bookcase near John Fisher's biography of Cardini and John Moehring's biography of Del Ray!

Amado Narvaez - USA

I received today the book of Johnny Hart. Thank you very much , I love it.

Erik Carpentier - Belgium

A great big thank you for the copy of Johnny Hart, International Man of Magic. A beautifully written and illustrated book. You should be proud of all the work you put in to this magic volume.

Bob Bain – Scottish Theatre Variety Collection

As a silent magician I've been a lifelong fan of Johnny Hart's act, but never expected such a wonderful book to be produced covering his incredible career in such detail. Stephen's biography is a real A-Z of Johnny Hart's career. The author has managed to uncover so much detail, so many stories, and so many previously unseen photographs. Quotes from Newspaper reviews and performers that Johnny worked with are intermixed with details of places and performances so that a very full picture of Johnny's globetrotting career soon comes to life.

From Bill Stanley's (Harry Stanley's son) introduction I was captivated. This is a wonderful book, not just for fans of Johnny Hart, but for lovers of magic and showbiz. Wow!

Duncan Trillo - MagicWeek

Many thanks for book. It is absolutely superb. The photographs and playbills are a wonderful feast of nostalgia. It is a treasure. Many thanks.

Arthur Revels - UK

Wow and Wow again! A truly memorable book and deservedly so, to Johnny Hart who deserves the printed recognition that his talents merit. It has been produced with love and care.

Chris Woodward – author of The London Palladium Story

My book has just arrived and to say I am delighted would be an understatement. ........what a brilliant read. IT IS FANTASTIC!

Jim Marsh - UK

Thank you very much for a wonderful beautiful and interesting book. If you are interested in magic and magicians, this book is something you should have in your bookshelf.

Christer Nilsson – Sweden

Congratulations! First of all, the sheer size, comprehensiveness and visual look of your book is more than most impressive. Amazing!

Jörgen Börsch - Denmark

“ WOW” what a fabulous and beautiful book you have produced, full of great photos of Johnny, you should be very proud of yourself. I now look forward to sitting down over the next several weeks to read all about the great artiste Johnny Hart. All magicians should have this book.

John Isaacs - UK

Lecture Reviews

Steve took us on a fascinating journey following Johnny’s life and career from his birth, in Lytham St Annes, in 1943, to his early shows in Preston and his entry in The Young Magician of the Year. Spotted by Harry Stanley and taken under Harry’s wing as manager, Johnny became an overnight sensation. Steve had assembled many photographs and video clips which showed the development of Johnny’s act and how he really became an overnight sensation. And as they say the rest is history - all recorded by Steve in what promises to be a great read, of which his talk proved to be a highly entertaining taster.

Jon Marshall

Hull Magicians' Circle

On Monday 5th March at The Leicester Magic Circles meeting, Tony Brooks introduced for the evening Steve Short, to give the first of his many lectures for 2018/19 on Johnny Hart. This was an excellent evening enjoyed by all the members present, with Steve’s usual style of power point presentations, video clips, and detailed information he had gained over the past two years. I would recommend Steve’s lecture, as secretary I am always looking for different lectures and this evening was well presented, a very relaxed atmosphere and extremely informative. I can’t wait to read the book.

Barry J Martin

The Leicester Magic Circle